How much is it?

TalentBase due to its flexible structure can be tailored to extremely diverse requirements. To be able to give a fair price offer we have to get to know your needs and requirements. If you are interested in exact prices, please, contact us! Our colleagues will be happily at your service.


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All right, but at least what is the price range?

We are sure that you know the costs of recruitment. Let's approach our pricing from this aspect!


  • The costs of the implementation and operation of TalentBase can pay off already after 10-15 successful hires.
  • How much time do your HR managers spend with writing job advertisements, sorting CVs, creating Excel reports and handling inquiries on the phone? TalentBase reduces the workload of the colleagues responsible for recruitment, enhances effectiveness and as an end result saves costs. 
  • Are you working with headhunters? Have you ever paid double to your headhunter due to multiple recommendations or false name check? You could have prevented these with TalentBase.
  • What kind of executive information do you acquire currently on the running positions? TalentBase provides you prompt and up-to-date executive information so that you can make cost-optimization decisions based on exact data.

Do you have questions?

Do not hesitate, ask us now! We are sure that we can work out a solution for you too.

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