The TalentBase System

is a web based application mapping and supporting recruitment and selection workflows. The rich stock of functions beyond the standard methods of the industry ensures such further functionalities that help to turn the valuable pieces of information gained throughout the recruitment and selection processes useful and beneficial for the HR managers, the candidates and the executives as well. By implementing the software the work of the colleagues responsible for recruitment is guided into workflows making the searches transparent and the performances measurable. The system supports effectively the course of decision-making by processing the structurally collected data and the information gained throughout the workflows and provides up-to-date executive information.


The rich functionalities of TalentBase software

The flexible structure of the software enables the integration into enterprise environments as it flawlessly cooperates with existing ERP systems. The career portal suited to the Client’s already existing website makes it possible to publish the open positions and collect candidates directly. TalentBase provides an exceptional support for handling headhunters. The software has a separate interface for contracted headhunters, where they can run preliminary name checks, send in recommendations and follow the status of their candidates.


The rich stock of basic functionalities enable:


  • the operation of a customized corporate career portal
  • running parallel recruitment projects and handling of the processes
  • frequent and automated communication with candidates
  • quick query of up-to-date executive information
  • decision support with the help of pre-filtering, evaluation, reporting and data mining functions
  • name check for headhunters

Corporate career portal

Candidates can register with their LinkedIn profiles too on the corporate career portal tailored to the corporate image of teh Client.

With TalentBase you can operate such a corporate career portal that is simple, cost-effective and tailored to your needs. On the career portal you can publish the current open positions and receive candidates either directly or via headhunters. Candidates can send their data either by attaching their CV documents or register with their LinkedIn profiles. The career portal can be suited to your company’s existing website and shaped according to the corporate image.

The open positions appearing on the career portal and the job advertisements can be managed through one interface; therefore it is not necessary to record the data twice or involve the web administrator in the process. The registered candidates can apply to the open positions by themselves and can upload their data on their own. They can track the status of their application, which helps to minimize the phone calls and information requests loaded on the HR managers.

Process management

The functions of TalentBase that follow through the whole complex recruitment and selection workflows support the everyday tasks of both the HR managers and executives. By using the system the recruitment tasks are guided into workflows, the candidate database is structured and searchable, the communication with the candidates can be automated, and pre-filtering is quick and easy. The advanced executive information functions ensure the generation of reports on both project and system levels.

An optional number of recruitment projects can run in parallel; a responsible person can be assigned to each project separately and will receive reminders and notifications of the actual tasks of the running project. Candidates can enter the database from different sources: manual records, through the corporate career portal, headhunter recommendations, etc. The data of the candidates are stored structurally making it possible to run precise queries and data mining routines. The function of pre-filtering helps to evaluate hundreds or even thousands of CVs in a couple of seconds and finds the most appropriate candidate to the given position.

Based on the events recorded throughout the running recruitment projects precise and up-to-date executive information can be acquired. Although our built-in reports cover a wide range of areas, during the software customization period it is possible to include reports that adapt to your company’s own report samples. Costs can be added to certain types of reports allowing the access to further valuable executive information regarding the cost-effectiveness of the methods and workflows applied during a specific project.


Process managementProcess management

Headhunters' interface

Contracted headhunters can send and follow the status of their candidates. To prevent future disputes due to duplicates and extra costs they can run a name check before recommending a candidate, moreover the workload of the HR managers can be reduced by minimizing the name checks previously done on the phone.

Headhunters can track continuously the status of their applicants on their own to get the needed information faster and without the mediation of an HR manager. The interface enables the limited participation of the headhunters in the first phases of the selection process: they can forward the results of the preliminary assessments and interviews directly to the client's system.

Headhunters' Interface

Platform independent, web application

  • Web application, hence the user interface is compatible with all platforms
  • Works on Windows, Mac and also Linux
  • No need for installation, update or maintenenace. Operational chores are done centrally, on server side.

No limitations

  • We do not limit usage in any aspects: nor in time, nor in volume, nor in any other aspect.
  • Unlimited users, projects, searches, candidates, headhunters, queries, reports etc.
  • No time limit: with buying a license you can use that version for unlimited time without any monthly or annual fees.

Cloud based or on-site deployed

  • Our system can be used in the cloud or in other server center environment. We offer cutting edge cloud hosting with state of the art virtualizations and data security solutions.
  • Or would you rather have your data in-house? No problem, our system can be deployed on your premises, in your own IT infrastructure, behind your own firewall.
  • Let us know your operational requirements and we will find a solutions for sure!

Fixed TCO, no hidden costs

  • We believe in clear and straightforward business. Therefore our pricing policy follows this idea: we offer one package price wihtout any hidden costs.
  • You define your needs, we bring you a fixed TCO with clear conditions.
  • Support and upgrade plans are detailed beforehand, so you can plan and rely on us on the long run.

Detailed function list

Online Application Interface

  • online corporate career portal that can be adapted to the existing company website
  • fully adaptebale to the corporate identity
  • showing the job ads and open positions
  • can be managed centrally

Project Based Approach

  • handling unlimited number of recruitment projects in parallel
  • every project/position has its assigned responsible person
  • validation system to start an action

Monitoring the Costs

  • recording the costs that come up regarding a specific project
  • detailed cost statement can be put together concerning a given position
  • costs can be recorded according to its type, specific usage, unit price and date
  • regularly occurring cost can be groupped
  • not cost-effective methods can be detected

Generating Reports and Statistics

  • built-in reports for the most typical information-claims
  • reports can be generated from the data stored in relation to positions and applicants
  • reports are generated in table format and can be tailored to the corporate identity
  • exporting into Microsoft Excel files
  • possibility of direct printing
  • reports can be configured and filtered for time periods
  • besides the running searches and candidate data it is possible to generate aggregated reports on system level (?)

Structural Handling of Competencies and Requirements

  • detailed requirements can be determined and added to open positions
  • requirements are invisible to the applicants
  • based on the determined requirements pre-filtering can be carried out, the most appropriate candidates can be shown

User-friendly Backoffice System

  • transparent and simple structure
  • personalized workbench-type starting page workbench, from where all the relevant pieces of information and functions are accessible
  • quickly attainable system
  • short training period

Customizable Data Structure

  • in the course of customization it is possible to adapt the data structure to the Client's needs
  • the built-in models for analysis can be configured and customized according to unique requirements

To-dos and Reminders

  • automatic to-dos are being generated regarding each project
  • to-dos and reminders can be manually created too
  • the to-dos cannot be disregarded as the system sends warnings continuously

Systematization of Market Information

  • collecting your own candidates enables you to build a valuable pool that you can use for future searches too
  • valuable market information can be acquired by building the pool

Rich stock of basic functions

  • user-friendly interface
  • functions created from the point of view of HR

Up-to-date Tracking of Open Positions

  • up-to-date information queries on projects running in parallel
  • reports can be adapted to the company corporate image and the company's own report samples 

Pre-filtering of Candidates

  • search of the most adequat candidates that suit the previously determined requirements 
  • pre-filtering of candidates according to weighable preferences
  • relative weighing - the relevance of requirements can be given in relation to the relevance of other requirements
  • percental evaluation of adequacy
  • the index of a given candidate can be shown by listing the factors in details (drill-down)

Frequent Communication with Candidates

  • frequent communication with candidates with the support of to-dos and reminders
  • with automatic messages that can be scheduled in advance
  • automatic generation of wait e-mails

Generating Ads

  • creating advertisements regarding the positions
  • multiple ads can be created for one single position
  • the ads appearing on the corporate career portal can be managed centrally
  • validation periods can be assigned to the advertisements so that activation and deleting can be set in advance
  • the publishing of ads can be connected to validation

Financial Planning

  • exact reports can be prepared regarding the costs of a given position
  • not cost-effective methods can be detected

Headhunters' Interface

  • consultants can carry out name checks on their own 
  • can send their candidates
  • can track the status of tehir candidates
  • can directly attach the results of preliminary assessments and interviews

Automatic Notifications, Reminders

  • scheduled to-dos
  • reminders for candidate communication and wait e-mails

Automatic Replies

  • automatic replies to registrations
  • communication with the candidates can be better controlled by the automatic scheduling of the messages
  • messages can be previewed prior sending
  • mass mail